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Some if not most growers will say that using hydroponics will increase the potency of marijuana and make the plants grow faster, which would make since because the roots of the plant are exposed to more oxygen this way. Because the plants are grown in a verry controled inviroment
if a problem occors, it is usually detected sooner and can be corrected sooner. However there are some drawbacks to growing marijuana using hydroponics, some growers and bud smokers say that bud grown using regular meathods tastes better than bud using hydroponics (but most bud smokers
dont give a shit as long as the shit gets them high).

Another draw back to using hydroponics is that the systems are expensive as hell and you dont know if the systems work as well as they say. So you could end up wasting anywhere from fifty to over a thousand dollars on a hydroponic
system that dosent evean work. So if you are poor like most bud smokers you must make your own system. Making a hydroponics system can be verry expensive or verry cheap but the results in the end are usually the same.

In this section you will learn how to make and use your own hydroponic system. I can garentee that this system will work if you follow the instructions word by word and if I left any thing out or if you are still need more information please Email me.

THE WICK SYSTEM: This system of hydroponics is by far the easyest the cheapest, and by far the symplest hydroponic system there is. First you will have to get a good nutrient solution, this is the most important
item in any hydroponic system because there is no dirt or growing medium for the plant to draw its nutrients from. The formula must be high in nitrogen,
with a N-P-K ratio of 20-5-15, for the vegetating cycle of the plant.
This can be found in most places that sell shit for growing plants. The other formula must be high in phosphorus, around 10-20-10, for the flowering cycle.
Chemical mixtures are better than the organic ones because there is less of a mess and they just work better.

You now need anything that will stack. Buckets work best but if you can find somthing else that will work too that's fine. You must have enough room
to fit the top container into the bottom contaner and have enough space to add about and quart or two of water.
Now make a slit in the bottom of the top container and insert a wick (you might try a cut up terrycloth bathtowl that worked well for me). Make shure that half of the wick hangs out of the container and the other half
is inside of the container. Usually if you put a hose over the wick and seal the hose with a sealent like caulk or some other silicone sealent you will have better results. Next you need to take the bottom container and
drill a hole about one or two inches below the place where the top contaner ends and the space in the bottom contaner begins. Next take a CLEAR hose and insert it in the place where you drilled the hole. Now seal the hose
so that no air or water will leak. Make shure that the clear hose on the inside of the bottom
container is no more that about a few cinimeters but the part runing out of the bottom bontainer is at least half of a foot. Now the system is almost finished. The formula-solution goes in to the space between the two contaners but
the formula dose not reach the clear hose or it may leak out of the hose.

You now will need to find a way of testing the ph of the solution. There are electric battery operated ph testers that display the ph level but these testers are expensive. You can buy a cheap ph tester at any place that
sells pool or spa equetment. These strips are acurate if done right. These strips test three things on the soultion, levels 2. alkalinity
and 3. the amount of chlorine that is in the solution. You just dip the strip in the solution and compare it to the chart provided. The ph level should be between 6.5 and 7. If the solution is above the recomended ph level the homade solution for rasing the ph is baking soda and water.
The solution for lowering the ph level is vinegar and water.

After you have assembeld the units you will need to add a grow mediun(what the plants grow in) the Perlaflow growing medium works best and is sold seapertily
from the system, if you can't afford this system you can use foral foam(the shit that's used in flower arrangements).

Once you have added a grow medium you need to saturate the
medium in a chemical fertlizer by filling the unit with chemical fertlizer (later replace the fertlizer with the solution).
After the medium is saturated start the cuttings, seeds, or seedlings directly in the units. Use a pencile to make 1/4 of and inch hole in the medium then start the cuttings seedlings or seeds in the hole.(make shure you dip the cuttings in a rooting hormone and place them in
the hole.)

Now all you need to do is wach the amount of soulution thats in the system. If the medium gets too dry or is not moist like it should be look in the clear tube and if the wich is not touching as much of the solution that
is needed just add more throuth the hose.

There you go thats the wick hydroponic system. If you have any questions please Email me and I will anwser your question as soon as possible.

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