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a joint-the alterintive to a bong

This bong building section has the most accurate,dependable,and the most useful information on the net.

If you see somthing that I have not included or you have any questions just

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Water bongs are also known as water pipes (esp. in head shops),They are the most enjoyable, comfortable and easy way to smoke. The bong is essentially a sealed chamber half-full of water. A pipe with a bowl on the end goes into the chamber and the water, another pipe with a mouthpiece on the end that enters the chamber but stays above the water
level. You put bud in the bowl, light it and suck on the
mouthpiece. This will lower the air pressure in the chamber, causing air to travel from the bowl, through the water, into the chamber and then into your lungs, pulling the smoke with it. The water cools the smoke, as well as filtering quite a few carcinogens from it, and you usually
get a few tokes because the chamber fills with smoke. You can build a carb into the bong to drain the chamber, or leave it without (some prefer this, as it's a less immediate way than a carb to drain the chamber if you just keep sucking on the mouth peice).


This is a simple design. Take a 1-litre plastic bottle and put two holes in it, one about halfway down the bottle and the other on the opposite side about an inch up from
the bottom. Take a pipe & bowl and insert it in the lower hole. Hold the pipe up at about a 60 degree angle
so that the bottom of the pipe is almost at the bottom of the bottle and the bowl is sticking up as much as possible, and seal/glue it in place(make shure the hole is glued or sealed airtight). Fill the bottle up with water to about half way between the two holes. Then hold the bottle straight up so that the bowl is pointing up and away from you. Now all you have to do is put your bud in the bowl and suck through the top of the bottle(now a mouth peice). You can also make it out of smaller bottles for more portability, or link two or more bottles together, or use
bigger bottles for a larger chamber.


First get a regular sized mason jar then Punch two holes in the lid, one differnt sides of the lid. In one of the holes put some rubber surgical tube that goes a quarter ways into the jar, then get a long piece of pipe that can go more then half way down in the jar, and still be an inch out of the jar. Then you can ether put a screen in the pipe (it would only be a One-hitter) or go buy or make a bowl that will screw into the pipe. Fill the bottle half way full of water (make sure the bowl-pipe is in the water, and the tube is not in the water. Load the bowl, light it, and start sucking on the tube. If you are using a large jar you can put two tubes coming out of the jar and it can be a bong that two people can hit at the same time. You can also put another hole in the lid if you want a carb. You also might want to seal in the mouth piece and pipe using hot glue or another non-flammable sealant. The diagram below might be of some help.

mason jar bong


The design is the same as the mason jar bong, but there are three jars used. Three wide-mouth mason jars of different sizes are needed. The second largest jar comes first. Mount the bowl and pipe on the lid, except instead of the mouth piece going into your mouth, use a 1/2" diameter
piece of rubbing tubing and put it into the largest jar, below the water level. Then another half-inch piece from above the water level of the largest jar into the smallest, below water level, and finally a
mouthpiece from above the water level of the smallest. When you suck on the tube of the smallest, it lowers the air pressure in the jar, and it sucks air from the largest chamber. The air pressure in the largest goes
down, so it sucks from the chamber of the second-largest jar, which then sucks the smoke down from the bowl on that one. This is the chain:

Mouth hose (3/8" rubber) - chamber on smallest - 1/2" rubber
hose below water level on smallest - chamber of largest - below
water level of largest - chamber of second largest - 3/8" pipe
below water level of second largest - bowl & ganja.

That's as clear as I can make make it. It gives a surprising amount of suction and really huge tokes. You can work out some kind of carburation system for it, but it seems to me that carbs are pointless with this design. Make sure all seals between lids of jars and
the hoses are airtight - one small hole will stop the whole fucking thing from working. If your still confused the diagram below might help.

triple mason jar bong


Also known as bucket bongs, beach bongs, and depth charges. This is essentially a device that uses gravity and air pressure to draw the smoke into a large chamber and then expel it quickly into the lungs. This gives much larger hits than most instruments, and it is possible to
get really stoned really quick with a relatively small amount of bud. First take a 2-litre and a 3-litre bottle. Cut the top off the 3-litre at the point where it starts to curve into the neck, and the bottom off the 2-litre. Attach a bowl to the top of the 2-litre (attach one to the lid so it can be taken off). Fill the 3-litre up with water. Place the 2-litre into the 3-litre and attach the
filled bowl to the top. Then light the bud as you slowly draw the 2-litre up. This will create a vacumn in the 2-litre bottle and suck the
smoke down into the chamber. Once you get near the top, quickly remove the bowl, expel all the air out of your lungs, put your lips over the
top of the bottle and push it back down quickly. This will force all the smoke into your lungs. You can experiment a little bit with this design, using different sized
containers and such, but the model above is the most effecient. It's easy to use it in a kitchen sink filled with water as well. Another popular method is to just put a small hole in the lid instead of a bowl and placing a lit joint in the hole. Draw the bottle up, and it's possible to get an entire joint into the bottle to be taken in your
lungs at once.

the gravity bong


This is a simlar design as the gravity. You take a bottle (a
2-litre works best) and drill a small hole in the bottom.
Cover this hole with your finger and fill the bottle up. Then, attach a filled bowl to the top (or the same bolw as you use for the gravity that is attached to the l-litre lid) andlight the marijuana. Uncover the hole out the bottom, and as the water drains out, thesmoke will be drawn in. Keep the bowl lit and let the water drain out,
and by the time you're done you have a 2-litre bottle full of concentrated smoke. Just suck from the top and uncover the hole at the bottom. This is also an verry efficient design, because verry little smoke can escape.


Take a 20 litre plastic water cooler jug. Drill four holes around the top, put in four hoses a couple feet long and seal them. These are your mouthpieces. Then find a bowl(a really big one. Drill a hole in the lid of the bottle and
insert the bowl. Seal it with silicone or something heat-resistant. Then, on the bottom of the cap, afix a rubber hose over the bottom of the bowl or a pipe long enough to reach near the bottom and seal it in place. This is your main bowl with stem. Fill the bong half-full of water and put the lid on the top. You now have a bong with a 10 litre chamber and a bowl that can hold as much as an eighth of an ounce of bud that four people can suck on at once. A propane torch or similar heavy-duty flame is recommended
for lighting the bowl, as the bowl is almost too big for a lighter flame. This bong is great for parties.


To make a vaporizer you will need a few things here is a list.
-5 Gallon jug (you need this so the plastic wont melt at the top)
-Small Soldering Iron (with screw off tip)
-Large Thimble or Brass Plate that is bowl shaped
-Light Dimmer (optional, read about it)
-Soldering Iron
Find a soldering iron with a screw off tip (which can be found at any hardware store). Unscrew the tip. Find a screw that can screw into the hole you just made by unscrewing the tip. Find a brass plate, or bowl shaped brass plate thing that you can drill a hole into. One with a hole already in it would be nice. Drill a hole that is the width of the screw into the bowl thing. Then screw the screw through the brass bowl into the soldering iron. Hooking the iron into the jug might be hard. You need to use a cap that will fit onto the jug but also allow the soldering iron to go through the cap also. Its illustrated below how it should look. If you can get the soldering iron to hook onto the jug without a cap do it. If you can't, make a hole in the cap that can fit the soldering iron through it then snap or hook the cap to the 5 gallon jug. You can also add something called a Dimmer Switch which is used to dim or lighten lamps. You can use it with this to lower electricity to the soldering iron. This lowers the temperature at which the weed burns at, so if you want it to burn and produce more of a "smoke" and less of a vapor you can raise the temperature. Remember, the point of a vaporizer is to make it so the THC doesn't get burned, because when you smoke it with a pipe under a flame it destroys around 50% of the THC. With a vaporizer only around 5% is destroyed. This is optional though, soldering irons usually only reach the temperature that vaporizes THC, about 210-220 degree's. Now you should have the soldering iron in the jugits. Next, just drill, or cut a hole in the top of the bottle. Insert a tube. Then your vaporizer is now done! If you are having trouble understanding the picture below will help you. But if your still clueless just email me or go ahead and start building one (thats what i did) and its main idea will come to you as you are building it.

vaporizer diagram


A steam roller is not a bong but I figured that I might add it in this part of the site. A steam roller is a tube that isn't covered on either side, and has a bowl screwed into the side tords one end of the tube. It works well, and gives you large hits. To make a steam roller, you need a tube with a opening at both ends, this could be a paper towel tube or a tolet paper tube with a hole in it and a tenfoil bolw, if your making a temporary roller, or if your making a permanent steam roller, go to the hardware store and get a see through plastic tube that is 5-6 inches long OR make a wooden tube some how(because wooden rollers work best). Once you have your tube, drill a hole big enough for your pipe bowl to screw into in the side about one inch from one end of the tube, then screw your bowl into the hole, and cover the end closest to the bowl with your hand, and put your mouth up to the other hole, and hit away! Use the hole your covering with your hand as a carb. If you are still cueless there is a diagram below.

a steam roller